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The cluster uses the qsub system. The Job scheduler is responsible to make all the houskeeping within the cluster.

Start your job
$ qsub 8 example.sh
  • qsub is the command
  • 8 is the numer of CPU you want to use this will be inserted in your jobfile in variable: $NSLOTS
  • example.sh is the jobfile you transmitted to cluster.

system will give you an output like this:

Your job 403 ("example.sh.job") has been submitted
Monitoring your job

You can monitor the status of your job with qstat:

$ qstat
job-ID  prior   name       user         state submit/start at     queue                          slots ja-task-ID
    403 0.00000 example mustermann      qw    07/18/2014 13:51:09                                    8

The letters of 'state' are:

  • r – running
  • w – waiting
  • t – transfering to the cluster nodes
  • E – Error
  • h – hold
  • s/S – suspended
  • q – in queue (qw is waiting in queue until enough resources are available)
Deleting a Job

If you want to cancel a already started with qsub or delete a job witch had an error use qdel with the id shown in qstat:

$ qdel <job_id>
If an error occurs

You can get more information about a job including the error message by

$ qstat -j <job_id>
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