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* How to observe the [ Cluster Status]
* How to observe the [ Cluster Status]
== Submitting jobs ==
== How to's ==
* [[PrepareJob|Prepare job on local machine]]
* [[Get Account|Get an account]]
* [[Qsub|Starting job on the cluster with qsub]]
* [[PrepareJob|Prepare the job on your local machine]]
* [[File Transfers|Copy the job files to the cluster]]
* [[Login|Log on to the cluster]]
* [[Qsub|Start the job]]
* Wait for the job to finish
* [[File Transfers|Get the results]]

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Welcome to the High Performance Computing Cluster BIOcrunch Wiki at the ZSM



The BIOCrunch cluster at ZSM is a centrally administered cluster containing several nodes hosted by the Zoologische Staatssammlung in Munich, Germany.

The cluster runs 64-bit Linux and is accessible at to users with accounts. Here you find the list of installed software.

Send emails to if you have a technical question or problem that cannot be addressed by the documentation below.

There is a step-by-step Tutorial that describes how run analyses on the cluster.


How to's

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